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The Design and Implementation of Automatic Nail System for Greenhouses Heat Preservation Quilt

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Tutor: ZhangDongZuo; ChangQiGang
School: Hebei University of Science and Technology
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: The heat preservation quilt,Nail Ring,MCU,Single chip microcomputer,Automatic Co
CLC: TP273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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With the popularity of greenhouse insulation technology, there is an increasingdemand for greenhouse heat preservation quilt product. The process of heat preservationquilt ring nailing is still use the mode of manual operation, the low productivity andsimple product process become the bottleneck of product quality and output.In order to improve the efficiency and quality of production greenhouse insulation andreduce the workers’ labor intensity, the content of this research is to design an automaticnail system for greenhouse heat preservation quilt, which is to control the mechanicalaction platform and realize the real automatic for the whole process. The requirements ofgreenhouse heat preservation quilt products and manual button process is analyzed in thisarticle, and the automatic control mode at present is discussed. Through the comparison,we choose the STC89C52RC microcontroller as the control center. The design of function,control system, hardware, software and reliability about the control system are introduced.The hardware circuit of the automatic button and the real-time control software realizationmethod are emphatically elaborated. The related mechanical equipment, electricalcomponents and key technologies are described simply. The implementation of the designabout greenhouse heat preservation quilt automatic control system can solve the lowproblem of efficiency of heat preservation quilt button process, and solve the practicalproblems about quality that can not be guaranteed. This design has important referencevalue for the application of micro computer in agricultural production.
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