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Research on the Application of Car Antenna with Miniaturization and Invisibility

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Tutor: PeiJinMing
School: Anhui University of Engineering
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: Miniaturization,Microstrip antenna,Car antennas,GPS,Concealment
CLC: TN822
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the rapid development of wireless communication and information needs increasing, modern cars require more and more wireless service facilities, especially luxury cars. They not only need a standard AM FM radio receiver system and television reception, keyless entry, remote control functions, satellite navigation, mobile phone, and the future of digital radio. So these services radio systems, antenna radio systems as the front-end devices, plays a vital role in the overall system, the antenna performance directly affects the reception of the entire system. Microstrip antenna has a series of advantages, such as compact structure, low profile, light weight, not only that, but also easy with the carrier conformal, easy to make, can easily integrated microwave circuits, and should large-scale production, and many other advantages, widely used in a variety of radio systems. In order to realize the hidden antenna, this article is to try to microstrip antenna made structures, conformal and body. This paper first reviews the course of development of the small car antenna, traditional car antenna and the modern car antenna, car antenna development status and future trends. Then summarized the the car antenna design method of microstrip antenna radiation mechanism and microstrip antenna miniaturization several common methods are special media materials, loading technique, fractal technology to reduce the antenna The dimensions as well as some other form of special structure. Finally, focus on the small car communication system designed three small applications antenna. A thin microstrip antenna for 2.4GHz band, its thickness is only 0.4mm, can be applied to wireless toll collection system, vehicle management system. Its basic structure is a rectangular insulating substrate side produced a circular electrically conductive patch, produced on the other surface of a circular ring with an annular gap formed between the two, wherein the annular the length of the gap of about a half wavelength (λ / 2). In a gap in the circle coaxial feed here. The entire structure is simple, many of the car's position for installation. 2.4 ~ 2.4835GHz band antenna VSWR less than 1.3 the (VSWR lt; 1.3). The second is a car phone antenna to receive mobile communication signal. The basic structure of the antenna is the middle of an oval-shaped patch is hollowed out in the cyclic structure as the radiator of the antenna, with the floor of the trapezoid, the size of the antenna, can be reduced to achieve miniaturization. The entire structure is printed on the PCB board feedpoint radiation between microstrip connection, using the gradient achieve impedance matching. This antenna is able to cover the various frequency bands used by mobile phone, to all bands standing wave ratio were less than 1.75, and the highest gain of 4.06dBi. The third is a GPS antenna, and its basic structure is a hexagonal patch printed on the square of the substrate as the antenna radiating body, the other side is a metal ground, on the ground, out of the two pairs of mutually orthogonal but the length is not such a slit, reducing the antenna size, while achieving the circular polarization. Through continuous optimization to find the position of the substrate diagonal feed point of the antenna to get a better performance. 1575.42 ± 5MHz band, the VSWR lt; 1.3. The antenna can be installed at the top of the car or with the car's sunroof integration, conformal and body concealment. More than three antennas can meet the application requirements of various communication systems, with a wide range of applications.
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