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Study on Organic Silicone Modified Epoxy Resins Performance and Preparation of Adhesive

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Tutor: WangDongMei
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: silicone oligomer,epoxy resin,modified,performance study,adhesive
CLC: TQ323.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Epoxy resin (EP) can be ambient curable with a curing pressure only contact pressure, with the advantage of big sticky relay, high mechanical strength and wide adhesive material etc, and thus it has been widely used in various fields in the national economy. However, it also exist qualitative fragile, heat-resistant sent and low toughness shortcomings, which severely restricting its usage scope. Silicone resin has good flexibility and heat resistance, use organic silicone modified epoxy resin can not only reduce the internal stress of epoxy resin, but can also improve its toughness and heat resistance, has certain theory value and practical significance.In this paper, based dimethyldichlorosilane and diphenyl dichlorosilane as the monomers, organic silicon low polymer with good reactivity were synthesized by hydrolysis method of condensation. The factors affect the result of the experiment were investigated through orthogonal experimental. The factors affect hydrolysis and performance in the reaction process were studied(including the monomer ratio, dropping way of raw materials, hydrolysis temperature, solvent composition, reaction time, stirring rate, etc) Optimum reaction conditions to preparation required organic silicon low polymer were determined (water consumption n(H2O)/n(Cl)= 5:1-8:1, R/Si=1.2, Ph/R=0.2, reaction temperature for 80℃, reaction time for 2.5 h), and the composition and structure of preparation of organic silicon low polymer were characterized.Organic silicone modified epoxy resin was prepared by choose medium molecular mass of epoxy resin (E-44) and self-made silicone polymer as raw material low, take tetra -n-butyl titanate as the catalyst.Choose epoxy resin and silicone resin weight ratio, different series of silicone resin low polymer, reaction temperature and reaction time as four factors to design of orthogonal experiment. The performance and structure of copolymer were tested by infrared spectrum, TG thermal analysis, stereocan photograph analysis. The fracture surface morphology of the system modified improved remarkably and the fracture surface morphology of modified epoxy resin was found to display tough fracture feature.Choose different series of organic silicone modified epoxy resin, make them into adhesive, related performance of the adhesive were tested. Results show that adhesive has good heat-resistant.
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