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Design of Smart Home Controlling System Based on Mobile Phone

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Tutor: SunYunQiang
School: University of North
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Smart Home,ARM,Embedded Linux,Remote Control
CLC: TN929.53
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the improvement of people’s material life level, people have higher and higherrequirements to the quality of home life. Now network communication technology, the dailylife of the computer and embedded technology, appeared in his way to work early cookingkitchen systems and other Smart Home products,While these appliances making conveniencea’nd improving peoples home-living quality,it also raises a question that how to controlSmart Home System effectively,make people’s life more comfortable and happy.This article is based on mobile phone control system design of Smart Home appliance,according to the Smart Home System development status at home and abroad, this paperstudies a model based on the GSM network technology, Internet and WIFI wireless networktechnology as the means of communication in the middle of the main controller Centralcontroller in S3C2440microprocessor of ARM development board as hardware platform,extended to the hardware function module, using the embedded Linux operating system as thesotfware platform,the establishment of a cross-development environment,transplantBootloader boot program,conifgure,compile and transplantation Linux kernel,making thefile system and file system transplanted to the development board Chose the cross-platformQt programming language applications to transfer data to complete the function of eachmodule, using the existing network resources, realizes the remote control, mobile control endto family environment formed a set of complete system.Finally,after the construction of the platform and the system test, the central controllercan control side and mobile phones and Smart Home System equipment terminals connectedand control signal sending and receiving, basically achieved the established goals andobjectives. In this paper,the design of the mobile phone control the Smart Home system hasa low-cost, the user flexible network, which has a certain reference value for the study offamily information in the future.
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