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The Design and Implementation of Software Testing Architecture of Wireless Sensor Networks

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Tutor: TongLing
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: WSN(Wireless sensor network),software testing,host computer,test case,test tool
CLC: TP311.53
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Wirelesssensor network is a new technology which accompanied the developmentand integration of sensor technology, computer technology and wireless communicationtechnology.With the characteristics oflow power consumption,self-organization, lowcost, it has been widely used in all aspects ofhuman life.WSN PC software carry thetask of retrieving,parsing,storage and display the data which uploaded through the NodeManager.The functionality and performance of PC software weather good or nor takesto pivotal role for the entire WSN.Therefore, the WSN PC software testing hasimportant theoretical and practical values.Software testing is an important methods and means to ensure the quality of thesoftware.Firstly,I introduce testing methods and tools which provide theoreticalguidance for the PC software testing.Secondly, under the guidance of testing methodsand tools,I write some test cases to check for WSN software module which has thefunction of data acquisition, analysis, storage and display.Client software which basedon the TCP/IP protocol should be designed,which analog Node Manager that has theability of communication and data-interact with PC software.Finally,I need to analysisand correct the problems which exist on the PC software.These operations are based onthe test results.After the amendment, Regression testing must be adopted to make surethat the PC software errors and unrealized functions have been improved. Thesoftware’s performance indicators have reached the requirements.The WSN PC application layer software which had passed through softwaretesting and modifying has been shown to achieve all the functions that required by theproject.Communication module has the ability to ensure the fact that the process of datatransmission is real-time and reliable.Data analysis and storage module can correctlyparse and store real-time data.At the same time,it has the fault-tolerant processingpower.The display module can be timely,effective and clearly display the real-timedata.Query module can accurately query and display the historical data which is caredby the users.PC application layer software still can be stable run over a long period of time and after the large amount of data communication.It has reached the designspecifications of PC software.
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