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Design and Development of Process Access Terminal for Internet of Things

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Tutor: CaiJinHui; JiangQing
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Internet of Things,Embedded,Data Acquisition,Quality Monitor,Intellectualization
CLC: TP391.44
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the development of Internet of Things and application of MES,integration of industrialization and informatization has been realized preliminarily indiscrete manufacturing industry, which pomote the intellectural level of theintelligence level of the discrete manufacturing process. However, in fact, there weremany difficulties in transformation of informatization of automatic device, such as awide variety of equipment control system, lack of dedicated data interface or datainterface is not open, not unified internal protocol, etc. So, automatic equipmentproduction data can not be docking with the upper system perfectly and theequipment had to become "islands of information"; Otherwise, Many automaticdevices are the dedicated production equipment whose level of informationintelligent processing is low, so that reduce the efficiency of the entire productionand quality control system applications. Based on the above, a set of process accessterminal using embedded technology has been developed, which can make theautomatic device reliably integrated into the production and quality control system inthe case of less move or not move the hardware and software of the original device.The main research contents are as follows:(1) The problems faced that―islands of information‖access into the productionand quality control system in discrete manufacturing process control was anylsisedand reseached, and the process access terminal as the core unified solution toeliminate―islands of information‖was proposed, and two methods of accessingautomatic device with process access terminal was designed, which make theheterogeneous data integration and unification of the physical and electricalspecifications realized.(2) Process access terminal hardware was designed and development. The coreprocessor is S3C2440A, three-tier structure of core board–floor board–expansionboard was used. Core board and floor board as a common module, used to expansionof the interface of terminal, such as data processing, stotage, forwarding, universal communication etc; expansion board can be customized according to the I/Oinformation of automatic device, which is responsible for the collection and controlthe information of switch and sensor on the equipment.(3) GPIO and AD drivers based on WINCE5.0on the expansion board weredesigned and synchronization of AD driver and touch screen driver was realized bythe method of mutual exclusion; According to the exisiting BSP, the generic devicedriver was ported and WINCE5.0kernel was customed.(4) Application software based on Visual Studio2008was designed, andvarious functional modulars were packaged in the form of class library, which makeprocess acess terminal had the fuctions of wireless data communication, informationcollection of PLC data, barcode reader, and expansion board, quality chain control,product quality statistics, process capability analysis, production tasks assigned,dynamically adjust and progress inquiries etc.
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