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Research of Localization Algorithm Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

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Tutor: RongZhou
School: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Wireless sensor networks,RSSI,Centroid localization,Sound energy,Node coordinate
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Wireless sensor network technology has become one of the most important technologies in the21st century. It has huge and far-reaching influence on human. Positioning technology as one of the key technologies of WSN is becoming a research hotspot. It has a very important role to determine the position of each node and target objects in the network.And it is also the basis of the study target tracking technology. The positioning technology of wireless sensor network is divided into the node localization and targets localization. According to the characteristics of the wireless sensor network and application status, the two positioning technologies and their respective positioning algorithms are studied in this paper. The contents and results are listed as follows.Firstly, an improved weighted centroid localization algorithm is proposed in node localization. In distance measurement stage, the distance and RSSI between beacon nodes are considered and the value of distance measurement is corrected in this algorithm. In the weight selection stage, weights of each beacon node are fixed. In addition, the RSSI value information is fully considered in the coordinate calculation stage. Through the two improvements of the ranging stage and node coordinate calculation stage, the positioning accuracy has been improved compared to the traditional algorithms.Secondly, basic target localization algorithm based on sound energy attenuation model is analyzed and researched in this paper. These traditional target localization algorithms do not consider the node coordinate error. From the point of the node coordinates error, target localization algorithm based on sound energy attenuation model is researched in this paper. And a targeting localization algorithm when node coordinate error exists is proposed.Finally, the improved algorithms are simulated and analyzed on Matlab platform to verify the effectiveness.
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