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Study on the Water Environmental Monitoring Based on Wireless Sensor Network

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Tutor: LiuYunFei
School: Nanjing Forestry University
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Dissolved Oxygen,Node Design,Improvement Of The AODV Routing Protocol,Wireless G
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Industrial production exacerbated the pollution of water resources, and brought greatdestructive to water biological.In order to prevent and solve this problem,it is very important tostrengthen the monitoring of the water environment.To overcome the disadvantages of traditionalmonitoring techniques, wireless senor network (WSN) is applied in the water environmentmonitoring system. Accordingly, the Dissolved Oxygen monitoring system is proposed based onWSN, which could carry out long-term real time monitoring of DO and temperature of the waterenvironment. The sampling information is transmitted to the sink node by the wireless sensornetworks,and then the data is sent to the monitoring phone through the GPRS gateway, so thedata can be timely dispalyed and given a warning.First designed a wireless sensor network node platform, it based TMOTE program,including sensor acquisition nodes, relay nodes, sink nodes, they form a wireless sensor networkarchitecture. Make the appropriate software and hardware design to nodes, through which datacollection and other functions can be achieved.Then the routing protocol of Adhoc On-demand Distance Vector(AODV) has beenimproved, which reduce the complexity of the AODV protocol message format, the consumptionof the protocol and data packet loss rate. And the improved protocol used in the ad hoc networkbetween nodes multi-hop transmission, which make water environmental parameters routed bythe collector node to the sink node. The implementation of AODV routing protocol and ad hocnetworks is based on the IEEE802.15.4standard and the ZigBee protocol.This thesis designed a wireless gateway, which implements the protocol conversion betweenZigBee network and GPRS network, thereby connecting the two.By this, the data is transmittedfrom the sink node to the GPRS module.Eventually, the parameter values of the water environment are sent to the user’s mobilephone on the form of a short message (SMS) through GPRS module.According to the experiment results, this kind of monitoring system has the merits ofstability, small power consumption, smartness and environment friendly. Consequently, it hasconsiderable application and development values.
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