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Research and Design of the Smart Home System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

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Tutor: ZhengDeZhong
School: Yanshan University
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Wireless sensor network,ZigBee,GSM,Smart home
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the rapid development of computer technology, sensor technology and modern communication technology, the household life for people is no longer just a common living environment. People start to pursue safer and more convenient living environment, where automatic household appliances, abundant network information resources and advanced communication equipment are included. Since then, the concept of smart home comes into being. People hope that they can realize intelligent monitoring and management of household equipment and residential environment to meet the demands of residential environment for higher quality of life through intelligent household technology.Through the analysis of the characteristics of the household environment and the existing several kinds of short distance wireless communication technology and the remote control technology, this paper designs a kind of smart home control system based on ZigBee technology and GSM network technology. Terminal nodes in this system are responsible for collecting the environment information of the household including temperature and humidity, smoke signals, etc. It determines whether it is higher than the prescribed threshold according to the collected information. If so, it will send the alarm information to the coordinator node and the coordinator node sends it to the user through the GSM module. Users can also control all the home appliances through sending the instructions.The paper specifically makes a detailed analysis of the features of ZigBee technology, the main functions of the protocol stack layers, the key technologies and the routing algorithm of ZigBee network when the network is carried on. This paper puts forward the network topology through the simulation and makes the further research to the routing algorithms combined with the traditional ZigBee network routing algorithm.The paper purposes a hardware design plan, which uses MSP430, CC2530, TC35i as the core device. The software design is based on the Z-Stack protocol provided by TI company. Then this paper designs the program flow chart of each main function module. At the end of the article, the communication performance of ZigBee technology is tested. The test results show that the ZigBee technology used to design the node is able to meet the requirements of smart home control system. The network has the self-organization and self-healing function.
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