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The Reserch on the System of Safe Guarding Based on Multisensor Network

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Tutor: ChenShuWang
School: Hebei University of Science and Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Wireless sensor network,Intelligent family system,Family security,Low-Power cons
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the constant social advancement and improvement in living standards, people’semphasisi on home security and property security has also been improved. The boomingof the city residential areas has caused the citizens’ ideas about homes and apartments tobe changed greatly. People need not only luxious but spacious living space, meanwhile,the more flexible and secure home space is also needed.Currently, the home security system is based on the traditional ones, namely, thesemi-digital solutions based on the digital hard disc videos or the solutions based on theanalog transmission, and lots of problems appeared during the construction process. Firstly,a great amount of wiring construction is needed; then problms will be caused during thepractical application of analog data transmission; besides, there is much inconveniencewhen the analog data transmission system is extended and updated.In order to solve these problems, the essay has put forward to the program of homesecurity system based on the wireless sensor network framework. Such system is mainlyconsisted of data spreading network, data acquiring network and management and controlcenter. The major part in forming wireless sensor network system is its sensor nodeincluding data processing unit, sensor moduIAR and telecommunication moduIAR. Muchsensor node in the system has formed a distributed network. Such network collects dataand treats such data. Then the treated data will be transmitted to the informationprocessing center by wireless transmission. Such security system have the advantages ofconveniently constructing and faster system setting up. By the wireless transmission, thegeographical environment is not limited. Therefore, such system is perfect for those areaswithout people on duties and without cable telecommunication, in particuIAR in the smartapartment areas, military inspection, warehouse management and so on. It has brightfuture.This essay has discussed the following issures:1)The present study status and its development tendency of wireless sensor network andhome security system at home as well as abroad, based on which, the research importanceand its design ideas has been put forward.2) The basid characteristics and the whole framework of security system.3) The hardware design of the sensor nodes in security system including its transceiverchip nRF905and main chip MSP430F149. 4) The software design of the security system.
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