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Design and implementation of wireless sensor network application layer software

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Tutor: TongLing
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: WSN,houst computer,application layer software,database,dataprocessing
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Wireless sensor network(WSN) always been laid in the place where people are not easy to access, in order to achieve the remote control and management of it, and collection, processing, storage and query the data of monitored objects collected by WSN, the research of desigh and development for WSN PC application layer software system has an important theoretical basis and application value.There is rarely addressed in the existing literature and previous work on the design and development of Wireless sensor network application layer software management system. Therefore, this paper presented a design and implementation of Wireless Sensor Network application layer software system. The system is based on C/S structure using TCP/IP to realize communication, provide the functionality of data-collection and data-analytical, data management and user-friendly interface.The thesis presented WSN research status, analized research background and the significance of this topic and proposed the main problems of the study. This thesis presented the architecture and function of environmental monitoring based on WSN layer software. The software can communication with sink node manager, do the data collection and analysis, provide history data and topology information query and expressed in table and chart with a user-friendly UI and a human-computer interactin.The thesis presented the communication protocol of this system. It improved the data packing of transmission commands and collection message, provided an effective fault-tolerant communication, found a way to deal with the large amounts of data transmission, and the retransmission mechanisms. This software encapsulated the data analytical processing engine and used SQL Server2008to store and manage the collection data by creating a relational database.The system testing results showed that:, the WSN application layer software system designed and developed in this thesis has achieved the designing goals and completed all the features of the requirements. This system can ensure the real-time data transmission, reliability and stable operation for a long time and large amount of data exchange, achieved indicators of environmental monitoring data communication. Also, this system encapsulated each funcation and its modular design make it easy to transplant and expand on more application of WSN.
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