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Design and Realization of Remote Positioning System of the Black Box Based on GPRS

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Tutor: CuiYongJun; LiJinMing
School: University of North
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: positioning,the MCU,GPS,GPRS
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the rapid development of information technology and digital technology, GPRStechnology to provide data transfer is more and more extensive between mobile devices andcomputer communications network router business. Taking into account the searh scope ofrecycling equipment and geographical conditions problems in the research background of thetopic. the GPRS technology combines with wireless location to design, the new wireless typeof the positioning system based on GPRS technology.This topic“Design and Realization of Remote Positioning System of the Black BoxBased on GPRS”is to design a monitoring device of transfering positioning data throughGPRS technology. the system has two parts of the positioning terminal of GPRS and themonitoring center. The positioning monitoring terminal of GPRS is made of the GPS receivermodule, GPRS module, the MCU microprocessor. the receiver unit of Positioning data isLEA-5H module o the U-blox company , Selecting SIM900 module as the GPRS unit.Designing and analysing the positioning data extraction and monitoring process ofMonitoring Center PC software. Elaborating the Working principle the Winsock control andWebBrowser control of the host computer. The principles and steps of the page to load GoogleMaps and the process of information exchange between the latitude and longitude parametersof the PC software and loaded the Google Maps website also have been intuoduced in detail.The 16-bit low-power PIC24FV32K301 microprocessor of Microchip company isselected as the core processor of the entire system, combined with its wide voltage and lowpower consumption characteristics, the use of the MCU is to achieving positioning dataextraction and transmission. For low-power design, especially describing in detail.the designof microcontroller sleep mode and wake watchdog program.The hardware and software design of the positioning terminal and the software of themonitoring center have been completed , designing the data communication of the themonitoring centerand positioning terminal. Finally, the debugging of the positioning terminaland the monitoring center has completed.
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