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Research on Localization Technology of wireless sensor network based on UWB

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Tutor: HeXueWen
School: Jiangxi University of Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network,Ultra-Wideband,Multiple modulation,TOA Positioning
CLC: TP212.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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As a new distributional observation network, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) was considered that is one of the ten new technologies in the21st century, and it has the very broad application prospect. Localization is one of the important supporting techniques of wireless sensor networks. sensor node self-locating is provided for monitoring the target position information. It’s very significant to achieve highly effective. reliable and accurate node localization for target tracking and route efficiency, and thus that also is the key technology to be solved in the present wireless sensor network. Wireless sensor networks often use GPS positioning. but by its node cost. size and energy constraints. posed a great challenge to the positioning of wireless sensor networks. Ultra-broadband high positioning accuracy. the emission characteristics of low power. and strong anti-interference ability to just solve the problem in the wireless sensor network positioning. so this paper. the UWB wireless sensor network-based positioning and positioning technology to study in this way.1. After consulting a great deal of relevant literature and analyzing the research situation and prospects of WSN and UWB. the technical line of ultra-wideband wireless sensor network positioning technology is summed up. In accordance with these technologies routes. the UWB wireless sensor network positioning algorithm as the direction of this study.2. In the analysis of UWB characteristic, according to the pulse shaping, pulse modulation and multiple access technology to conduct in-depth research foundation, study and find out DS BPSK binary phase shift keying (DS-BPSK) modulation anti-multipath performance is stronger than TH-PPM modulation which combined time hop (TH) with pulse position modulation (PPM).3. Analysis for ultra wideband wireless sensor network location technology based on time-ranging technology, discusses the ranging accuracy of LOS technology in indoor multipath environment, proposed the location method of based on the TOA UWB wireless sensor network.4. Location algorithm based on the pulse sequence maximum energy detection time of arrival (Time of Arrival, TOA) adopts strong DS-BPSK modulation mode with anti-multipath performance. transmitted by multipath channel of indoor stadia (Line-of-Sight. LOS). It studies the effects of multipath propagation and SNR on the ranging error, thus to lay the theoretical foundation for UWB wireless sensor network location positioning technology.To sum up. the research integrates the theoretical study and simulation analysis to make a deep study on nodes self-localization technology in WSN and UWB. Combined with the characteristics of ultra-wideband new transmission technology, it provides a simple and effective method for WSNs localization technology. which is a kind of useful exploration to the development of WSN.
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