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Research of Acoustic Communication Technology for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Tutor: MengLingJun
School: University of North
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: wireless sensor networks,short-range acoustic communication,piezoelectric transd
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The main research content of this paper is short-range acousticcommunication technology which can be used for wireless sensor networks. Inthe environment of strong electromagnetic or short-distance wirelesscommunication frequencies coexist, WSN’s short-range wirelesscommunications will be disturbed, in severe cases, there may even becommunication disconnect. Research of the short-distance acousticcommunication technology is in order to provide a communication mode forWSN which applied in these environments, this communication mode notoccupied radio channel bandwidth and immunity from electromagneticinterference. Firstly, the basic theories related with short-range acoustic communicationhave been researched. Such as the characteristics of air’s acoustic channel, theprinciple and applications of electro-acoustic transducer, acoustic signalmodulation method, etc. Then, a test system is designed for short-range acousticcommunication experiments. The system consists of two computers, input andoutput amplifier circuit and the electro-acoustic transducer, etc. MATLABprogram and the computer’s sound card complete the acoustic signal modulationand demodulation. The design of sensor nodes selected piezoelectricelectro-acoustic transducer and DPSK acoustic signal modulation scheme byexperiments, the experiments also verified the feasibility of the short-rangeacoustic communication used in wireless sensor networks. Finally, sensor nodeswhich have short-range acoustic communication function are designed based onthe experimental results. The short-range acoustic communication achieved inthe physical layer between two sensor nodes.The short-range acoustic communication has some prospects of application. This paper verified it is feasibility, and layed the foundation for further research.
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