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The Development of Electronic Scale Based on ZigBee Technology

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Tutor: LiuSiSong
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Cabinet Electronic Scale,Internet of Things,ZigBee,CC2530,Wireless network
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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At present, the intelligence level of market instruments have become increasinglydemanding high This is particularly important in the measurement system composedof multiple cabinet scales. Measurement system consisting of a number of cabinetscales, each cabinet scales by multiple sensors, if the cable to connect the variousparts of the system, it will cause the complexity of the installation of equipment is notconducive to the system transformation and upgrade. To this end, this papersummarizes the basis of previous research, the design of ZigBee (ZigBee is alow-power personal area network protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4standard.According to this agreement is a short-range, low-power wireless communicationtechnology.)as the link of the system interact to form wireless sensor networks.CAN bus systems in the traditional tank weighing system, CAN bus networkrequires a lot of cable to connect to the network nodes, so the more the need tonetwork the larger the required cable. This resulted in the complexity of the overallinstallation of equipment. ZigBee technology in the improvement of traditionalcabinet scales to the system network. Improved cabinet electronic scale weight of anobject is composed of15cabinet electronic scales measuring systems, each cabinetscales electronic scales, a total of a group of cabinet electronic scale system iscomposed of75sets of electronic scales, need the node network consisting of75electronic scale network, and configure a PC to be monitored for each system. By thenetwork coordinator through the serial port data to a PC through the computer hostcomputer software for data management and records, with a good man-machineinterface, high degree of automation.Cabinet-scale improvements, including hardware and software improvements,hardware design using TI’s CC2530chip CC2530integrated51microcontroller corefor the control of the core, the A/D converter module and RF module. This chip canbe completed, including control, data processing, system networking, wireless data transmission functions. The software part has two parts: a ZigBee protocol stack(system network must be used in the protocol stack), and other electronic scales nodeapplication (an A/D conversion, data display, data transmission, etc.).This thesis under the guidance of the mentor LIU Si Chung, in the practical workon the basis of the Sichuan medicine cabinet scale projects, the traditionalcabinet-scale networking and data transmission to improve the technologicalachievements and innovation are as follows:1) wireless transmission technology to make the system more easy to install indebug, with excellent scalability.2) using TI’s CC2530as the main chip, the internal integration of the chip AD chips,integrated circuit board, and effectively reduce the volume of the board, to improvesystem stability and reliability;3) electronic scale with a sleep mode, to make the system more energy saving.Sleep mode can be used is not the work of electronic scales more power to ensure theenergy conservation requirements.4) work globally2.4GHZ (Industrial Scientific Medical ISM) band, so the cabinetweighing instrument can work in any one place in the world, which allows theinstrument to a broader market space;ZigBee as the communications core of the PC as the host computer, remotemonitoring of staff on the cabinet scale measurement system.
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